Which Cleanser is Best for Your Skin Type?

Recently I have been finding that my clients aren't sure what kind of cleanser they need for their skin type. Cleansing is an important step in your basic skincare routine so lets break it down.

Cleanse your skin properly to:

  • remove bacteria
  • take off makeup
  • lightly exfoliate dead skin cells on the surface
  • remove excess dirt, sweat and oil
  • hydrate and balance the pH of your skin

Here are some professional product recommendations:

Gentle Foaming Cleanser (All skin types, sensitive skin or post treatment):
A basic foaming cleanser that gently cleanses skin of impurities without over-drying. 

Glycolic Cleanser (all skin types except very sensitive):  
Contains 10% glycolic to resurface the skin and prevent acne, ingrown hairs and wrinkles. Reduces surface pigmentation, dull skin and the appearance of blackheads.

Yours truly,
SkinPro Holly

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