Work Out for Healthy Skin


You may have heard that aerobic exercise is good for your skin, but how? Here are 4 great ways that exercise can improve skin. 

1. Acne Reduction
Regular physical activity will help to increase blood circulation and nourish skin. Blood and oxygen flowing through the skin help to draw out toxins in the body, including toxins, oil and dirt out of the pores.
Exercise also produces endorphins that help to reduce stress levels. Stress reduction and endorphins will help to decrease cortisol levels that provoke acne.

2. Better Sleep
Exercise helps you to rest and sleep better. Your body and skin repair itself when you are sleeping. 

3. Glowing skin
The skin is filled with blood vessels that lie close to the surface, so when you work out, the vessels dilate and give the skin a vibrant and healthy appearance. 

4. Collagen Production
Working out helps your body to produce collagen, which is protein that helps to keep your skin firm and elastic.


  • Do not be aggressive with your skin. Use a gentle cleanser and avoid cleansing with hot water that can dehydrate your face after working out.
  • Don't forget to cleanse your body to avoid clogged pores and body acne.
  • Use a hydrating, gentle moisturizer to replenish water your skin lost during your workout.


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